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Waste Removal

When it says ‘Handle with Care’, we do

Disposing of hazardous and non-hazardous waste packaging in a safe and environmentally-friendly fashion can be a major challenge for many businesses, but working with Glenn Drums Recycling means you can both comply with the law and make financial savings. We provide a full ‘cradle to grave’ service with certificates of acceptance and disposal issued at each stage.

Hazardous materials

Many customers operate in the food, beverage and chemical industries and require help with hazardour materials and packaging. Most of them have a clear understanding of what constitutes hazardous waste, but others may be less certain. So our role starts by clearly identifying or confirming  the nature of the materials held in your containers, then implementing the appropriate procedures to deal with them safely.  All our drivers have appropriate ADR licences and up-to-date ADR training for the transport of dangerous goods and containers, so you can be confident that all goods will be handled and moved with maximum safety.

Clean, shred, recycle

The disposal process takes place in a specially designed facility, located in an area that is separated from our other operations. This houses the complex machinery used to wash, recycle and recover non-reusable empty chemical containers. Containers are deep cleaned with a specialised treatment that removes all residues. The remaining plastics are shredded on site, then sent off to be recycled into secondary raw materials and products. Metals are also separated and sent off for further recycling.


The entire process is underpinned by an accurate ‘track and trace’ system which issues full documentation to show that your waste has been disposed of efficiently and in line with current requirements. Plus, with our 24-hour collection and delivery service, your containers can be removed or dispatched as and when you need.

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We are fully compliant with leading
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