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Collect, clean, re-use your containers

Maybe your focus is to reduce business costs such as the purchase and disposal of new containers. Or perhaps you simply want to minimise your organisation’s impact on the environment. In either case, our relaundering service provides the ideal solution.

Relaundering means cleaning, refurbishing and re-using your existing packaging stock, including metal drums, IBCs and plastic containers of various sizes. We can launder your containers at a fraction of the cost of purchasing brand new ones, so you can save money and help the environment.

Here’s how it works

We pick up or take delivery of your containers and remove all labels and ink from their exteriors. Then we wash them thoroughly inside and out, remove all residues and leak test them. We make any necessary repairs and replace defective parts, then once we’re happy that they are good to go, we return them to you, clean and ready to be reused.

You can even specifiy if you want your IBCs to be foil sealed, tamper proofed (air tight) and hot air dried. And with our 24-hour collection and delivery service, you containers can be removed or dispatched as and when you need. It’s a great way to avoid the unnecessary cost of buying new containers.

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