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Did you know that every year, an eight-million-metric-tonne tidal wave of plastic enters our oceans?  At Glenn Drums Recycling, we’re doing our bit to stem the flow. On top of this, landfill has become more expensive and plastic has risen in value, so it makes sense to shred and recycle, rather than throw plastic containers away. We can your redundant containers and with our rigorous ‘cradle to grave’ service, you can be confident that all necessary certificates of acceptance and disposal will be issued at each stage.


When an IBC fails a pressure test, this indicates that it is no longer suitable for reuse, so we make sure it is disposed of in a suitable manner. It is fed into our shredder, which rips it down into small plastic granules, approximately 70mm in size. This process permanently destroys the container and protects your product name and brand identity.

The resulting material is then suitable for further processing.


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We are fully compliant with leading
Waste Management Industry Bodies